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Healing Hints

Welcome, my name is Renata de Castro!

I help women take their power back in health, beauty and birth through the art and science of Yoga. 

About Healing Hints

Our bodies are powerful vessels, and if treated properly, they can heal from the inside out- this is something I've personally learned over the years on my own healing journey. What really propelled my healing journey forward was practicing the art and science of yoga. When you practice yoga, you are yoking all aspects that make you, you (mind, body and soul). This is a holistic approach to healing, because all aspects of ourselves are all interconnected. Practicing yoga (and no, I'm not exclusively referring to the physical, "fancy" poses), helped to bring awareness to different aspects of myself in need of nurturing and healing. Even to this day, my yoga practice helps me to stay grounded and in-tune with the needs of my mind, body and soul.