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Healing Hints

Yoga & Ayurveda for Women's Wellness


About Healing Hints

As an Ayurvedic Counsellor and Yoga Teacher (with a speciality in Prenatal Yoga),  I work with women (at any stage in their lives) to help realign with their bodies’ inner intelligence through these long standing traditional practices, in order to achieve optimal health, and/or desirable labour & birth outcomes. 

Can You Relate?

White Rocks

Do you experience hormone imbalances and reproductive health concerns, such as irregular periods, acne, digestive issues, ovarian cysts, infertility, painful intercourse, and more? 

White Sand

Are you pregnant and desire to have a natural vaginal birth, but have fears over an intervention-free labour and delivery?


 Do you feel like your maternity care provider has not prepared you enough for the big day, and you are seeking a holistic approach to prepare for labour & birth? 

Foggy Mountains

Do you feel the need to  energetically nurture your womb space for optimal health, to clear energy blockages, and to let go of feelings of lack and insecurity? 



  • Private yoga classes once per week for 5 weeks ,OR twice a week for 5 ...

    Starting at $450
  • - Cooperate groups -Family & Friends yoga practice

    250 Canadian dollars
  • A comprehensive Ayurvedic consultation to address your specific health...

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Understand your dosha-type in more depth

    45 Canadian dollars


Scott, Student

My yoga session with Healing Hints was truly an enjoyable experience! Being someone who is very much a beginner I was nervous at first to attend a Yoga class. However Renata's kind and consistent encouragement helped me feel more confident and relaxed throughout the session! I'm not usually a morning person but after her class I was in a wonderful mood for the rest of the day! I will definitely be back again to improve myself with Healing Hints. I recommend Yoga with Renata for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves to gain more confidence with a teacher who is patient, knowledgeable and very friendly!

Jeasette, Student 

Having no previous experience in doing yoga, I’ve always felt intimidated about this activity. I showed up to a session feeling nervous and excited at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to follow, but I just really wanted to give it a try. I am not a very flexible person but this session made me realize you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy yoga .The instructor made me feel comfortable from start to finish, and most importantly helped me gain a sense of serenity. The entire session helped me connect with my inner self in a calm and peaceful manner through proper breathing and other techniques I didn’t know about before. If you’re looking to have a fun yet relaxing weekend activity to date yourself, I highly recommend attending yoga flow with Renata.

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