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Our bodies are powerful vessels, and if treated properly,  they can heal from the inside out -this is something I’ve learned personally over the years on my own healing journey. What really propelled my healing journey forward was practicing the art and science of yoga. When you practice yoga, you are yoking all aspects that make you, you (mind, body and soul). This is a holistic approach to healing, because all aspects of ourselves are all interconnected.  Practicing yoga (and no, I’m not exclusively referring to the physical “fancy” poses), helped to bring awareness to different aspects of my self in need of nurturing and healing. Even to this day, my yoga practice helps me to stay grounded and in-tune with the needs of my mind, body and soul. 


Why Healing Hints? 


We are ALL in need of healing in some form or another - mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Everyone’s healing journey will look different. We all experience healing differently, and I can tell you one thing for sure - it’s not a linear journey. There are many people (including myself) who can attest  to the fact that the practice of yoga has been life-changing, and that is why I’ve created Healing Hints. The wonderful art and science of yoga holds so many answers to what we seek, and if we are open to its teachings and the connection and awareness it brings to us -  we are able to begin to heal the parts of us that need it. 


As a woman, yoga has empowered me in many aspects of my life including my general health, beauty, and through my most significant & transformative times - pregnancy and birth. I really do believe my sense of empowerment is all thanks to my yoga practice, as it has helped me to build more connection and trust in my body, a strong intuition, and realization of my very own divine existence. As a result, I feel confident in making the right health decisions for myself and my family.  I have more confidence in setting healthy boundaries (includes food, people, and the advice of “experts” ;)), honouring my body and in just doing what intuitively feels right. As I continue to practice, my journey continues, and my awareness grows. While I do offer services to the general public and kids, I’ve created  Healing Hints specifically to help women take their power back in health, beauty, birth & beyond. 


Come along on a healing journey with me through the art and science of yoga. My services include: 


Regular Yoga Classes

Private Group Yoga Classes 

Kids’ Yoga

*Prenatal Yoga

*Enlightened Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Workshop

*Non-toxic Beauty

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