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As an Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor, Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Birth Doula, I love helping women realign with their bodies’ inner intelligence to achieve optimal health, and/or conception and desirable labour & birth outcomes. 


At Her Sacred Cradle, it is acknowledged that the pelvic floor plays a significant role in healing and overall well-being. The pelvic floor impacts reproductive and hormonal health, energy blockages, nervous system regulation, and preparedness for birth and conception. Therefore, clients should definitely expect that Pelvic floor work is weaved in to every personalized wellness program!



My mission is to awaken the inner healer in women and bring them to a realization of their own innate powers, so that they may be conscious in health, pregnancy and birth in order to create a more conscious world for generations to come. 


Women are the portals between worlds, the vessels that house generations to come, and it is in the way women birth, journey through pregnancy and motherhood, connect with their bodies that helps to shape and form a more conscious world. 

Renata de Castro, Founder of Her Sacred Cradle

Her Sacred Cradle

Some may dub it the junk drawer of emotions. 

It's met with shame, and seen as an inconvenience to some. 

It's a sacred space where mysteries convene. 

However, it holds the answers, deep and profound, to our health, our digestion, and where life is bound. 

The entire world has been cradled in one. 


So, however you refer to it...


I like to call it her sacred cradle.


By: Renata de Castro 

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