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The Female Pelvic Floor

The female pelvis is full of mystery. The "empty" space within our pelvis and wombs is not empty at all, but rather, filled with energy. Our pelvis is home to two major energetic centres referred to as our root and sacral chakras.  These energetic centres help us to access our own spiritual wisdom: The root and sacral chakra govern emotions relating to fear, safety, being grounded, sexuality, trust, and the ability to express your feelings. Energy blockages can occur in these energy centres as a result of negative experiences of all sorts, and as a result, our emotions can be stored in our pelvis. Releasing these blockages and emotions that no longer serve you is a great way to energetically nurture your womb space. 

On a physiological level, the pelvic floor is made up of a superficial layer of muscles as well as a deep layer of muscles. These layers of muscles act as a 'basket' for the organs of our reproductive, urinary, and digestive systems. Therefore, maintaining the health and tonicity of our pelvic floor is vital throughout all stages of life - especially during pregnancy.


An over 5000 year old holistic health practice originating from India that teaches us the importance of living in harmony both within ourselves and with our outer world. This practice emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with seasonal cycles, our circadian rhythms, and even our own feminine cycles. According to Ayurveda, our bodies as well as everything on the planet are made up of the 5 elements: water, earth, fire, air and ether. These elements form what we call "doshas" in our bodies - bioenergetics that are responsible for many  bodily functions. Ayurvedic practitioners assess imbalances within the body by determining  your unique doshic constitution, in order to help you restore and maintain mental, physical, and spiritual balance as well as prevent disease. 


When the practice of yoga is fully embodied, its main purpose is to connect the mind, body and soul in order to liberate you from all suffering. It is a beautiful practice that helps to foster a mind-body connection, which helps you to tune into your bodies, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Yoga is a way of life that consists of many components, but unfortunately, in the Western world, it is predominately seen as just a physical exercise. Practicing Yoga can range from breath work, meditation, asanas (physical postures), mantras, and following certain moral and ethical guidelines to reach a state of liberation and bliss. Everyone's yoga practice is very personal and different, and each individual will experience diverse benefits. The physical aspect of Yoga comes with many benefits, as it helps us to gain more awareness of our bodies and how they function, gain more strength and flexibility, and helps to ground us when we are experiencing anxious and stressful feelings. When it comes to a prenatal yoga practice, the benefits are not just experienced by the mama-to-be, but also her baby. Yoga helps to strengthen that connection between mom and babe, and honours the divine feminine energy through a fluid and cooling practice. In addition, a regular prenatal yoga practice helps mothers prepare their bodies for an optimal labour and birth experience, build more trust within their bodies, and helps to strengthen a connection with their pelvic floor. 

When you work with me as a client, I provide you with personalized wellness plans: Yoga flows suitable for your ability, individualized guided meditations and affirmations, Ayurvedic recommendations for an optimal lifestyle and diet, and Zoom/phone call support throughout the weeks. In addition to this, I guide my clients to deepening their connection with their pelvic floor through the healing modalities: Yoga & Ayurveda in order to support reproductive and hormonal health, clear energy blockages, connect with their baby and prepare the pelvic floor for birth (if pregnant), or just nurture this sacred space for conception one day. 


Choose your pricing plan

  • Budding Lotus

    1:1 Sessions once a week for 4 weeks (1 month).
    Valid for one month
    • Personalized Wellness Plan
    • Individualized Guided Meditations
    • Zoom/Phone Call Support Throughout The Weeks
    • Personalized yoga flows unique to your needs
    • Ayurvedic Recommendations For Optimal Lifestyle & Diet
    • Coaching for pelvic floor connection and overall health
    • Great for women at ANY stage in life - especially pregnancy!
  • Blossoming Lotus

    Every month
    1:1 Sessions for 8 weeks
    Valid for 2 months
    • Ayurvedic Recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and herbs
    • Yoga flows unique for your needs
    • Support calls and emails throughout the weeks
    • Personalized guided meditations
    • Coaching for female pelvic floor connection and health
    • Great for women at ANY stage in life-especially pregnancy!

Personalized Wellness Plans Designed For You - Let's Discuss Your Goals!

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