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Rhassoul Clay Mask: Benefits + Recipe

I consider facial masks to be the ultimate treatment in my skin-care routine! Facial masks can be therapeutic (if made with ingredients that uplift our moods, i.e. rose water, lemon oil), and they are a great way to revitalize our skin. Though facial masks may not look glamorous when applied to skin, they definitely have you feeling like a goddess in transformation! It’s important to note, though, not all face masks are created equally — some are made of fancy concoctions, but are the ingredients really healthy and safe? A lot of the face masks readily available for purchase in-stores, are usually laced with alcohol and fragrance, which are definite skin irritants (which, by the way, is totally defeating the purpose of a face mask). To ensure the face mask you are applying to your skin delivers exceptional nourishment, I would recommend opting for a clay mask, as clay offers many healthy benefits for the skin.

Clay Mask Benefits:

Clay masks have been used since ancient times for their medicinal properties, and the benefits of clay masks are still acknowledged today. Clay masks are rich in minerals, which help to reduce inflammation, toxicity, and bacterial imbalances of the skin. Clay has this super power of binding to heavy metals found in the body and drawing them out from the skin. This is because the molecules found in clay are negatively charged, while toxins and environmental pollutants found in the body are positively charged. Therefore, the negatively charged molecules will attract and hold the positively charged molecules (like opposite poles of a magnet), eliminating toxins from the skin/body. Clay masks are absolutely necessary in today’s society in which we are constantly exposed to toxic elements, because of their ability to draw out everyday environmental pollutants.

I’ve experimented with a few clay masks in my time, and while there are many good clay masks out there to choose from, Rhassoul clay has impressed me the most. It’s a perfect clay because of its versatility, and it is just right for people with sensitive skin (that’s me!).

Rhassoul Clay Benefits

Originating from Morocco, Rhassoul clay has a uniquely rich mineral content, abundant in magnesium (aids in cell regeneration and reduces inflammation), potassium (delivers moisture to skin), and silica (aids in collagen production).

As mentioned previously, clay has the ability to draw out any impurities from the skin because of its high negative charge. Rhassoul clay does an excellent job at detoxing and cleansing the skin, as well as tackling those pesky blackheads! It achieves all of this, without stripping the skin of its delicate PH levels.

Rhassoul clay is a very versatile product, as it can be used as a shampoo, face mask, hair mask, facial cleanser, and body mask. So, if you’re into keeping things minimal, this product is for you! I love investing in good quality products that can be used in multiple ways, because it helps to save money, create more shelf space (lol), and live minimally. I would recommend checking out Rhassoul Clay from Amson Naturals - a company dedicated to providing clean products and natural products for body, face and hair.

Rhassoul Clay Facial Mask Recipe :

Here is a simple recipe that I follow to make a Rhassoul clay mask:

1 tsp rose water (very soothing for the face/reduces redness and has uplifting scent) or regular water

1 tsp of Rhassoul clay

1/4 tsp of honey (anti-bacterial and moisturizing prosperities)


Mix Rhassoul clay with the water to form a thick smooth paste. Then, apply to face and leave it on for about 10 minutes but no longer because you don’t want to strip your face of its natural moisture. Since it can get very messy, I would recommend taking a cloth soaked in warm water, and then wipe the mask off of your face. Do this over the sink or in your bathtub because the cleanup isn’t any fun! Tada! Now you have firm, glowy, silky skin!

Definitely try this out if you’re looking for a simple and natural face mask that doesn’t require 1000+ ingredients! Since you’re mixing the ingredients together to create a face mask, you at least know what you’re putting on your skin. As mentioned before, purchasing Rhassoul clay is also quite easy on the wallet, since you get a lot of product (a very versatile product, might I add) for your money. If you’ve tried Rhassoul clay masks out, what are some of your face mask recipes?


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