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Release and Relax With This Bedtime Yoga Routine

With fast paced lifestyles, combined with stagnant physical activity (sitting at a desk all day, commuting), we tend to store emotional baggage in our bodies, which is unconsciously manifested through our thoughts and fears.

The stresses of daily life can subtly take a toll on our bodies without us realizing it. If we do not release these emotions and negative energy that we store in our bodies, it can possibly lead to insomnia, a lowered immune system, anxiety and depression.

Making gradual changes in our lifestyle can help us release the negative energy that is stored unconsciously in our bodies. One way to help our bodies decompress is to incorporate a simple, daily yoga routine that helps to relax our nervous system— to get our bodies into a parasympathetic state.

Here is my personal routine I do on most nights right before I go to bed, however, I do change it up, depending on what my body needs that day. The postures are all focused on relaxing the nervous system, opening tight shoulders, releasing tension in hips (where most emotions are stored), and release tension in the spine to give it more range in movement.