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The RAW Truth Behind My Book, 'Mama's Mantras.'

The Inspiration Behind "Mama's Mantras"

As I write this blog post, I am reminded that this is an outlet for me to express my truth and it is an integral part of my healing process from the last 4 years (and you will find out why…just continue reading!). It's been 4 years and I can celebrate all I've overcome, but I am also reminded of the many trials I’ve faced over the last 4 years. Upon reflecting, I can say that my book, Mama’s Mantras, has been the light at the end of the tunnel. 

My Journey to Healing and Connection

The journey to creating my children's book, Mama's Mantras, began with my own path of healing. A healing journey that has taken place for over a decade now. This journey took a lot of work and major investments into myself through many forms. Through the time, money and lifestyle investments,  I discovered yoga and Ayurveda. These practices had served me well in a transitional time in my life, and brought me the peace and grounding I needed. I gained and learned so much from these ancient practices and had to unlearn so much of what I previously knew about health and well-being at the same time! These ancient practices guided me to strengthen my mind-body connection and deepen my spiritual awareness, to honour my body’s natural rhythms, to listen to my inner voice, and to connect with the divine presence within and around me.

Bringing Mindfulness to My Children

As I experienced the transformative power of yoga and Ayurvedic practices, I naturally wanted to incorporate them into my children’s upbringing. I wanted them to grow up with the tools I didn’t have in order to understand and connect with their bodies, minds, and the divine essence within them. This desire led to the creation of Mama's Mantras.  Our mantra practice has become a cherished family ritual, a time for us to connect before bedtime, and providing moments in sharing gratitude that promote peace, confidence, and love.

The Disconnect in Modern Childhood

Before homeschooling my children, I spent almost a decade as an elementary school teacher. I spent my time teaching in England and in Toronto.  Throughout those years, I noticed an increasing disconnect among children. Societal conditioning, parental burnout, and the fast-paced nature of modern life contributed to this detachment. This disconnect was furthered by tyrannical mandates back when the world had shut down, and children were forced to mask all day and slather their hands with chemicals in the name of health.  I saw firsthand how these factors impacted children’s emotional and mental well-being. This was not the reality I wanted for my kids.

Creating a Different Reality

Okay, this is a long but very necessary explanation to paint a proper picture for you, my valued reader. Here it goes…

Circling back to my own personal healing journey, I had to unlearn many things I thought I knew about health (a lot of my conditioning probably stems from my H.BSc in Health Sciences) in order to welcome more ease and joy into my life on many levels - physically, emotionally and mentally. It was on this very personal journey of mine that I came to a profound realization that the systems (both health and educational) that were put in place in our society only fuel disconnect, and I was determined to provide a different experience for myself and family.

The world shutting down 4 years ago served as a major catalyst to make my current reality happen! With the mandates being pushed on to the public to work, travel and go to school - I refused. The tyrannical measures put in place only fuelled more disconnect from true health and the connection between mind and body, as well as promoted the complete opposite of what was just and ethical. Educationally speaking, these mandates went against everything I stood for as an educator - encouraging critical thought and not blindly following information (if you're one of my amazing former students reading this, this is why we studied the Hunger Games & The Giver!). How could I continue to thrive in or even support such systems that do not uphold the very values I hold in both health and education? I was therefore forced into a corner and given an ultimatum; take the toxic medical intervention in order to continue working for a system that fuels disconnection, or courageously walk away from a system I am so familiar with, yet no longer serves me, my family, my values and beliefs. Of course I went with the latter.

This ultimatum drastically changed my life and my family’s life forever. My husband, who was also a teacher for 18 years, made the same choice as I did. Two steady incomes - gone. While the world did not make this the easiest decision to endure, it was still the easiest decision to make. No regrets - I promise you. This ultimatum was simply one of the greatest blessings in disguise, and it was pure divine intervention. While we were shaken from what was comfortable and familiar to us, we got into more alignment with our values and started to really walk the talk. Already teaching Yoga part-time, I poured myself into my Ayurvedic and Birth Doula trainings to be of better service to humanity -and  in the most integral way possible. Not the system’s way. We are now able to be of service to others in the most aligned and authentic versions of ourselves.  If you get anything from this, I hope it  just goes to show you my conviction in holistic health, education, freedom and critical thought. 

The former was the long way of saying that the systems were never built to support us to thrive in health and in education, to establish deep connection within ourselves and with our families daily, and to be able to raise empowered and critically aware children. The systems are put in place to serve themselves, and has a lot less to do with supporting people to feeling empowered in their minds, bodies and souls.  Schools are continually pumping out more disconnected children, encouraging them to grow up and disregard their own physical and mental health to “get to the top,”  and to just SURVIVE in a burnt out society.  This is why I chose to homeschool my children. Taking our power back as a family in education, health and in our careers has been so enlightening. There is a saying: A fish can’t see the ocean it is swimming in; it was only until we surfaced and stopped getting caught up in the programming of the systems and started shedding layers of societal conditioning that we saw through the intentions and true nature of these systems. 

Over the last few years, I’ve paved the way to live a new reality -  homeschooling my children and helping women take their power back in health and in birth. This new reality provides me the opportunity to create an environment that fosters a strong mind-body connection and a chance to reinforce my children’s awareness of their divine essence as well as for me, too! Every day, we practice mindfulness, affirmations, and mantras. I am able to honour my needs as well as honour where my children are individually at physically, mentally, and emotionally. This helps us to stay authentically aligned within ourselves. This approach nurtures my children’s confidence and emotional well-being, allowing for deeper connections within our family and with the world around them. 

Why Mantras Matter

Mama's Mantras is more than a book; it is culmination of my healing journey, my desire to raise my children with connection and intention, as well as creating moments for parents and children alike to connect daily on a deeper level. Mama’s Mantras is a tool to support families establishing mindful practices for better health and connection. Mantras are powerful because they create energetic shifts which can shape our thoughts and emotions, creating a positive and nurturing internal environment. Our internal terrain shapes our external and how we navigate the world around us. This practice is a muscle we ALL need to strengthen daily. Myself included. For our family, mantra practice has become a cornerstone of our daily routine, reinforcing our values and fostering a sense of calm and connection.

My Vision for Mama's Mantras

Through Mama's Mantras, I hope to share the benefits of mantra practice with other families. My vision is to help parents plant seeds for children to establish a practice that nurtures their mind-body connection and spiritual awareness. By incorporating these practices into daily life, we can create a supportive environment that promotes physical, emotional, and mental ease. When we do this, we are helping to build a healthier world. 


The inspiration behind Mama's Mantras is rooted in my healing journey and the desire to create a mindful, connected upbringing for my children and your children.  By sharing this practice, I hope to offer other families a path to greater connection, alignment, and well-being and a chance to see what is possible apart from our societal conditioning. 

Let us honour our children’s unique needs and guide them towards a life of balance, confidence, and divine connection for a healthier and connected world. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for exploring the transformative power of Mama's Mantras. Together, we can create a more mindful and connected world for our children.

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