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Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

If you have read my blog, you know that I am a huge advocate for bringing awareness to what you put on and in your body. I believe this awareness of the foods that you consume and the products you use is crucial, as these things have the ability to affect your sense of well being, and can negatively or positively impact your overall health. That’s why I feel that it is so important to source out the cleanest and safest products.

For those of you who have also started to eliminate toxins from your products, but don’t know where to find replacements, I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently teamed up with an amazing clean beauty brand:Beautycounter. Not only does this brand have a wide selection of CLEAN skincare and make-up goodies to choose from, but by shopping with Beautycounter, you’re also supporting this company’s MISSION to change the laws that govern what goes into the products. I am so excited to begin this venture with Beautycounter, to help advocate for cleaner ingredients, and help educate those who would like to learn more about how they can #comeclean.

Check out my link below to start browsing through some amazing products by Beautycounter, or DM me if you would like more info or just want to chat #cleanbeauty!


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