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This journal serves as your companion, guiding you through a 10-day action plan designed to foster a deeper connection with your divine feminine essence.

Within the journal, you'll find prompts, exercises, and reflections tailored to each stage of your journey, whether you're focusing on conception, pregnancy, labour, or birth. Additionally, you'll discover an array of quotes and affirmations carefully curated to provide comfort, reassurance, and inspiration whenever you need it most.


By incorporating this journal into your daily practice, you'll not only enhance your experience with the course but also nurture a profound connection with your divine feminine energy. Together, we'll journey towards greater fertility, empowerment, and well-being.


This journal accompanies the Masterclass, "Are You Feminine Enough?" which is also available for purchase. However, if you purchase the Masterclass, this journal is already included. 

10-Day Journal to Embrace The Feminine Energy