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Tranquility + Balance + Love


This stunning vibrant crystal is a natural tranquilizer. It is helpful for those who suffer from insomnia and overactive thinking. It is considered to centre emotions by balancing out highs and lows. Physically, Amethyst aids in hormonal balance by tuning the endocrine system. Also, Amethyst aids in easing tension, reabsorption of water and more. This crystal is considered to be one of the most spiritual stones by promoting love, positive emotions, selflessness, and spiritual wisdom. Wear this crystal to tune into a higher frequency, and for its strong healing and cleansing vibrations. 


Product Details: 

  • Size of stone is half and inch long and half an inch wide 
  • Hand-wrapped in copper wire. 


Price: $20.00 CAD


DM @healing_hints on Instagram to order!


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