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White Opal 


Protective + Authenticity + Love


This stone has a fine vibration as it enhances consciousness and meditative experiences. With intention and proper programming, Opal can be a protective stone. Opal is associated with love and passion, and its vibrations encourage putting out positive emotions. When positioned apporpriately, Opal has been used to treat infections, fevers, purify blood, kidneys, and regulate insulin. White opal has specifically been associated with connecting the base chakra with the crown, thus amplifying meditative states. Wear this beautiful stone for protection, to encourage living your authentic self and emit good vibes! 


Product Details: 

⁃Size of stone is roughly 1 inch in length and 1 inch wide.

⁃ Hand-wrapped in copper wire. 


Price: $20.00 CAD 


DM @healing_hints on Instagram to purchase!



White Opal

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