Offering workshops rooted in yogic principles and philosophy. 


The Enlightened Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Workshop

The Enlightened Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Workshop holds space for mamas-to-be who want to optimize mentally, physically, and spiritually to handle the trials and blessings pregnancy and birth has to offer. This 5-session workshop has been created with Patanjali’s yoga sutras in mind, and the basis of this workshop really hones in on the universal principles: Ahimsa (nonviolence) and Santosha (contentment). Ahimsa & Santosha teaches us the need to release fears and attachments and the importance of practicing self-compassion.  These principles shed light on the importance and need to attend to ourselves first, in the areas of the mental, emotional and physical realms of being in order to create our best possible experiences (like pregnancy and birth).

What's Included?

  • 5-sessions approximately 2 hrs and 50 min each (1x week)

  • 5 Prenatal Yoga Flows

  • How to use affirmations and journalling to retrain the mind 

  • Using visual art as a way to process and/or release emotions 

  • Tools and practices to manifest a positive pregnancy and birth experience

  • Crucial information on how to nurture your physical vessel - your baby’s home and your temple

You'll Walk Away With...

  • Tools and strategies for an optimal pregnancy and birth experience and postpartum period

  • The development of a greater awareness and connection to your pelvic floor’s tonicity (helps with pushing phase of birth)

  • A greater connection to your pelvic floor through breath work and visualizations

  • More trust in your body’s ability to birth 

  • A mental reframing of pregnancy, birth and postpartum 

  • A spiritual appreciation for pregnancy and birth

  • Breathing and other vocalization techniques for labour and birth 

  • Coping strategies for labour and birth using the 3 R’s 

  • And much, much more! 

Are you ready to optimize your pregnancy, birth and beyond experiences?

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This workshop will be offered online and in-person (Durham, ON). Stay tuned for exact location. 


5-Session Workshop - Each session is approximately 3 hrs


Cost: $375.00

Online (Zoom) 

Cost: $250.00