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Book your FREE 30 minute consult call.

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Birth Doula, it's important to get to know my potential clients to see if we are aligned. 

 Consult calls apply to any of the services below. 

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Virtual Doula Support - $1200 CAD (Limited time offer)

Embark on your journey to motherhood with expert guidance and support with Virtual Doula Services at Healing Hints. This comprehensive package includes 8 virtual prenatal appointments which will cover: birth planning, birth interventions, natural pain management, partner support, stages of labour, pelvic floor prep, an Ayurvedic consultation, and email, FaceTime, phone and text, support to answer your questions and/or concerns. 

Birthing From The Inside Out - $855 CAD (Limited time offer)

As women, we are often told that childbirth is a painful and scary experience. However, at Her Sacred Cradle, it is  believed that birth can also be a sacred and empowering event. My holistic 8-week program includes education on birthing options and alternatives, bio-energetic exercises to help strengthen the mind-body connection, and partner coaching to help them feel confident in supporting the mother during birth. I am dedicated to helping women and their partners feel empowered and confident throughout their birthing journey.

45 Minute Dosha Evaluation $50 CAD

This 1:1 session is dedicated to understanding your dosha-type in more detail. You will learn the foods and lifestyle activities that are most compatible for your doshic constitution, and how to identify your unique health imbalances. This is a great eye-opening session!

Awaken Your Inner Healer - $1200 CAD (Limited time offer)

Embark on a transformative 12-week journey with me and Awaken Your Inner Healer. Through 1:1 Ayurvedic coaching, we’ll work together to optimize your overall health while nurturing your hormonal health. This program is perfect for women who experience digestive issues, irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, or periods that last longer than usual - or for those who are looking to optimize their fertility. Join me today and start taking control of your health.

In-person Doula Support - $1900 CAD (Limited time offer)

My In-Person Birth Doula Support service is designed to support mothers and their partners throughout the entire labor and delivery process. With two prenatal visits, we will work together to create a birth plan specific to your needs, as well as provide Ayurvedic consultations for diet and lifestyle, natural pain management techniques, pelvic floor preparation, and connection. During labor, I will provide continuous support and comfort and help you navigate any interventions. You will also receive ongoing virtual support and an 1 in-person postpartum visit to review the birth experience, and ensure a wonderful start to postpartum with your new baby.

*Serving Mamas-to-be in Scarborough & Durham, ON.*

Comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation - $120 CAD

Discover the path to vibrant health with Renata's 1 hour Comprehensive Health Consultation. We will work together to identify and address the underlying causes of any health issues you may be facing. We will create an individualized, comprehensive plan to help you reach your optimal health. This consultation is the perfect way to get on the path to a healthier you. Perfect for gaining insights to better hormonal health and fertility. *Follow up appointments are 45 minutes to an hour long. Cost is $70.*

Marma Therapy Packages - starting at $450 CAD

I offer Marma Therapy, a holistic approach to balancing your mind, body, and soul. This therapy involves clearing energetic blockages and using specific herbal oils tailored to individual imbalances based on dosha evaluations. A comprehensive health consultation to address any underlying issues affecting your overall wellbeing is also included.

Empowering Reproductive Health & Period Wisdom 

Mother-daughter Period Wisdom Sessions $333 (Limited time offer):

We dive deep into the wisdom of Ayurveda to empower you and your daughter with comprehensive knowledge about reproductive health and menstrual cycles. This personalized session is designed to foster a strong understanding of how to bring balance back to your bodies and create a nurturing bond through shared learning. Included: 2 dosha and comprehensive health consultations and a shared period wisdom session with Renata. 

JUST FOR YOU Period Wisdom Sessions $225 

Are you looking for quick and effective ways to bring more ease to your moon cycles without committing to a full Ayurvedic treatment plan? Learn about what your period is telling you and find out ways to bring balance back to your body for better cycles. Included: Dosha and comprehensive health consult and period wisdom session with Renata. 

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