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Living with Dermatitis

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Dermatitis is something that I've lived with most of my life. It’s a common skin condition of which there are various variations. It is believed to be a combination of irritants in our environment, genetics, hormone levels and mental health. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of dermatitis

For the most part, the look of my dermatitis didn't bother me at all (I have dermatitis on my hands and feet). It was only when other people started noticing it and asking questions about my skin condition, that I felt self-conscious about it. In efforts to hide my dermatitis, I would start to curl my hands up awkwardly when typing on the keyboard,when handing items over to another person, and when I used to get my nails done at the nail salon. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not looking for a pity party, but merely giving you a glimpse into how it has affected my everyday life. 

Eventually I started making lifestyle changes like being more mindful of what I put on my body and what I ate (not because of my dermatitis, it was just because I needed a change!). I made sure to shop for products that  contained ”simpler” ingredients and that were more natural in nature, and that were gentle (I acknowledge that not all natural ingredients agree with everyone’s skin type). In terms of food, I eliminated gluten, soy, sugar and cow dairy from my diet, as these are very common allergens and inflammatory foods. As a byproduct of all these lifestyle changes, my dermatitis has significantly improved and it's not inflamed and noticeable anymore! 

Doctors have prescribed me steroid creams in the past, but personally I'm not about to apply that to the largest organ of my body on a daily basis! I'm just glad I've found more natural ways of treating my dermatitis (there's no cure --it can only be treated). 

I'd like to share one product that has helped in the appearance of my dermatitis and can be used for many different things (hello minimalism!). That product is Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap! You can use this as a body wash, shampoo (rinse with apple cider though!), clothing detergent, dish detergent and even toothpaste! There are many more ways to use this soap, but that’s just to name a few! It has such simple ingredients, that I even use this on my daughter’s skin as well! 

That’s my healing hint of the day! Enjoy! 



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